Wasage Divers - South East Sulawesi, Indonesia
Diving Wakatobi, Pygmy Sea Horse - Hoga IslandHoga Beach, Dive WakatobiDiving Hoga,
Hoga Island is a beautiful small island surrounded by pristine coral reefs in the heart of the Wakatobi. The home reef is a stones throw away from the long white sandy beach and makes for great diving and snorkeling alike.
There is a total of 22 dive sites around Hoga, all of which can be reached by boat within half an hour.
Here the coral is outstanding, healthy, very colourful, and in many places pristine. You will see breathtaking displays of hard corals, black corals, colourful soft corals, sea whips, gorgonian sea fans, and giant sponges.
We regularly see a variety of nudibranches, barracudas, pygmy sea horses, ghost pipe fish, crocodile fish, batfish, scorpion fish, and much much more. 
Most dive sites are walls and overhangs, but there are also pinnacles, ridges, a blue bowl, a channel, coral gardens, sandy slopes and a sea grass bed to explore.